Discover the exceptional educational journey at DRG Real Estate Academy, where our unmatched curriculum is tailored to cater to various learning styles. Immerse yourself in a flexible learning experience with self-paced online courses, participate in dynamic livestream classes, or attend in-person classrooms. Become part of our thriving student community and empower your future with the education you deserve at DRG Real Estate Academy.

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your journey with DRGRA.

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Embark on your journey towards becoming an Illinois real estate broker or managing broker by choosing DRG Real Estate Academy. Take the leap to break through and kickstart your new career with our state-approved licensing program. Dive into relevant topics through our flexible home study or convenient online format, allowing you to complete your education from any location with Internet access. Let the experts at DRG Real Estate Academy navigate you through the Illinois license requirements, setting you on the path to thrive in the real estate industry.

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We are committed to being your trusted ally in meeting your continuing education needs and propelling your real estate career forward. Our courses, officially endorsed by the IDFPR, are meticulously crafted to provide a user-friendly and comprehensive learning experience, encompassing all the vital elements required to satisfy state mandates.

Effortlessly satisfy your continuing education and post-licensing requirements by enrolling in our accessible courses at DRG Real Estate Academy. Expedite your educational journey, and not only will you efficiently fulfill the necessary criteria, but you’ll also gain pertinent and invaluable insights along the way.

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Take your professional journey to new heights with DRG Real Estate Academy’s comprehensive professional development courses. Benefit from the expertise of industry-respected professionals, acquiring real-world insights that will enhance your earning potential and broaden your influence in the real estate arena. Sharpen your skills and deepen your understanding of the industry with our timely and invaluable courses. Seize the opportunity to elevate your career with DRG Real Estate Academy.

Leasing Excellence Unleashed

Master the Art of Real Estate

Unlock the door to a thriving career as a licensed leasing agent with DRG Real Estate Academy. Our comprehensive program covers everything from mastering leasing intricacies to understanding legal aspects, all led by industry experts. You’ll gain the experience and knowledge needed to step confidently into the residential leasing arena, poised to make a significant impact on your professional journey.

Elevate your career prospects as a Licensed Leasing Agent with DRG Real Estate Academy’s dynamic licensing experience. Seize this opportunity and embark on a path to success today.

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How to Build Multiple Income Streams     

If you’re contemplating the next phase of your career and aiming to establish multiple streams of income, look no further than DRG Real Estate Academy. We are dedicated to enriching your professional journey while prioritizing the development of diverse revenue channels.

Dive into the complexities of wholesale and tax lien market investments, hone your expertise in successful property flipping, access instant e-books, and benefit from personalized one-on-one career consultations. Let DRG Real Estate Academy lead the way in not only advancing your career but also in building a robust portfolio of multiple income streams. Seize this opportunity to elevate your career and financial future with us.



Exclusive access to personalized, state-accredited courses, ensuring success in broker licensing, managing broker roles, leasing, continuing education, and real estate investments.


Enjoy hassle-free access to our web-based courses on any device, progress through real estate pre-licensing classes at your own pace, and effortlessly track your advancement using our user-friendly student dashboard.


Now that you’ve secured your license, what’s the next step? DRG Real Estate Academy’s training courses are meticulously designed to guide you towards a fulfilling career in real estate by offering comprehensive professional development.


Elevate your career with comprehensive training in investments, property flipping, e-books, and personalized consultations, building diverse income streams.


Understanding that dreams may surpass financial means, we offer a convenient and flexible payment plan through Affirm, AfterPay, and PayPal to assist you in achieving your aspirations.

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Continuing Education 12 Hour Bundle

Renew your Illinois Broker license effortlessly with DRG Real Estate Academy’s thrilling 12-hour Continuing Education Bundle. 

Dive into ethics, fair housing, Illinois laws, and more to turbocharge your success. Enroll now to meet your requirements and dominate the market. IDFPR deadline: April 30, 2024. Elevate your real estate game with DRG!

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