DRG is a school derived from a much-needed change in the real estate education world. We care about your career in Real Estate. Whether you are obtaining your broker license for a rewarding career in sales, becoming a managing broker to operate your own real estate brokerage, becoming a leasing agent or a property manager, continuing education courses, commercial classes, or real estate investments in flipping and developing, we will be there to guide you through your process. 

In addition to offering courses that meet the guidelines required by the State of Illinois, DRG offers training courses that will help you meet your goals. Training that does not provide State of Illinois education credits but provides a platform to start your rewarding career in Real Estate.

We listen, we understand, and we educate. DRG is your foundation and will always be here for future courses and training to improve and continue your education path of Real Estate.

DRG likes to think Real Estate is a field that will always have growth, just look around every brick and mortar you walk into had something to do with a sale, buy or lease of that location. Even the land you walk on is real estate. DRG has created an affordable platform to offer.

Our vision is simple no matter where you are in your life starting a career in Real Estate was one of the best choices you made and DRG is an affordable Real Estate school that will work attentively with students during classes to succeed. 

Your dreams start here. With vetted Real Estate Professionals, who have years of experience to help you understand and prepare for State Exams. With full dedication, time, and efforts we will work hard to make sure you are ready for a life rewarding career in Real Estate. 


An experience you will never forget!!!!!!

Come Learn With us!