Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure a career in real estate is for me?
Real estate is primarily a customer service business. You will be involved in what will be one of the biggest purchases/sales in someone’s life. We would encourage you to sit down and review your career objectives and what you want to get from your career. Discuss those issues and goals with someone who knows firsthand what the industry is like and then make yourdecision.
What areas of real estate can I work in once I am licensed?
Here is a list of potential employment options once you are licensed: Residential & Commercial
Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Property Manager, Leasing Agent, Real Estate Transaction Coordinator, Real Estate Assistant, Showing Assistant, Real Estate Investor or Entrepreneur, Real Estate Developer, and after 2 years of actively using your license, a Real Estate Managing Broker or Real Estate Instructor (some areas of real estate may require additional licenses).
Is it worth becoming a realtor?

It may seem like the real estate websites like,, and may be making Realtors obsolete. In fact, there are tens of thousands of real estate agents in Chicago and throughout Illinois who are making a very good living, and enjoying the freedom, independence, and opportunity that being a Realtor offers. Being in business for yourself, you should expect to work hard, but if you ask any agents you know, they’ll probably tell you that it’s a great business to be in!

How long does it take to get a real estate license?

Most people are surprised at how relatively easy it is to get a real estate license in Illinois.

The whole process can be done in about 2 months. The steps are…
– take the 75-hour Pre-license Course
– pass the state exam
– find a Sponsoring Broker
– apply for the license, and begin selling immediately!
The course is typically 5 weeks long. As of this time, there’s a delay of a month or more to actually be able to take the state exam, but once you pass, you can find a Sponsoring Broker within days, and get started on your new (or additional) career!

How long is a real estate license good for?

An Illinois Real Estate License must be renewed every two years. Real Estate Agents actually have what is called a Broker License, but unlike other states, a Broker in Illinois does not work independently. Instead, they must have a Sponsoring Broker for at least two years, at which point they can get their Managing Broker license. A Managing Broker may have their own agency, or work on their own.


Do you guarantee that I'll pass the exam?

No, we don’t. We know that a few schools do, but be careful to read the fine print – they generally say “we guarantee that you can keep taking classes over and over again if you fail the exam.” Nobody has time for that! Others may say that “as long as you pass all of these tests and do this extra work, we’ll give your money back if you fail the exam.” But if you DON’T pass their tests, you often aren’t even allowed to sit for the state exam! Here’s the difference: DRG Real Estate Academy offers a quality experience, either in the Classroom or via Webinars, and because we do that, over 90% of our students pass the State Exam on the first try. Also, because our classes are so popular, we don’t have a bunch of empty seats to allow for people to repeat the course over and over!

What kind of degree do you need for a real estate agent?

No degree is required in order to become a real estate agent. In fact, the only educational requirements are (1) completion of High School or equivalent, and (2) completion of the 75-hour pre-license course with an approved real estate school. 

How much money should a Real Estate Broker expect to make?
Last year, reported that on average Real Estate Broker’s made $80,000 per year. Now, this is an average and since your salary will be completely commission-based, there is both the possibility to make less and the possibility to make a whole lot more. With Real Estate, YOU determine how much you make!
Can you work part time as a Real Estate Broker?
Absolutely! In fact, most agents start out part-time.
Is there a final class exam?
YES there is a final exam! this exam must be taken at our facility under a supervised DRGRA instructor.